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Zimee Wellness Center and Indigenous Sovereignty 

Our Indigenous Team

Our Story, Our Journey 

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it, such that whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

Zimee Wellness Center & Indigenous Sovereignty believes strongly in the interconnection of all of creation. We practice our healing arts in a way, which includes the natural world and the whole person - body, mind, spirit. Each practitioner addresses the complete system both healing and cure.

    Rachael Nielsen

Rachael Nielsen is an enrolled member of the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation and Nez Perce . Rachael is Part Owner of Zimee Wellness Center & Indingenous Sovereignty, Native Healer, Herbalist specializing in Native Traditional Herbs, with Ayurveda/TCM/Western Medicine, Vibrational Sound Therapist Certified Practitioner, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Certified Trainer, and Professional 

A Ballet/Modern dancer and Teacher.

Rachael grew up dancing with Oregon Ballet Theatre (1990-2004) and numerous ballet companies from 2005-2015.  During her dancing career she was in a car accident that caused much trauma that forced her to stop dancing. Because of Rachael's devout love and need for expression she was more determined to pursue her career in dance. She came across a trainer in 2004-05 that introduced her to Gyrotonic. Through months of therapy she rapidly made improvements and knew this was part of the key element to healing the body and freeing the soul. She has been able to go to Germany to the Gyrotonic Headquarters to train with the Head Master himself, Julio Horvath, and has studied under his top Master Trainers since 2005.

Along the way in 2014, Rachael experienced several threatening hardships leading her to native traditional herbs and holistic healers.  Rachael has always believed in the healing of vibration and an understanding of how vibration works all around us and in the body through her native healing. Over time she became a Vibrational Sound Therapist Certified Practitioner. She believes through her journeys of cancers, that it is trapped emotion inside the body that turns into a sickness when we don't take care of ourselves. Emotion turns into blocked/stagnant/Evil Qi inside the body. Through Vibrational Sound and the energy we are able to release these unwanted energies in the body and we then free ourselves to begin to heal. Mind, Body, Spirit, together works in a place where one can find true balance and harmony with self, Creator and Mother Earth.

Rachael believes Zimee Wellness Center is a place for people to come who feel disconnected and want to feel connected, a safe place to learn who You truly are, a place to expand oneself and grow, to be able to learn how to take your own healing into your own hands and be an advocate for yourself in your healing journey. Zimee is a place of learning, awakening and connecting self Mind, Body, Spirit. Rachael looks forward to working with you and helping you along your journey.

Rochelle Kulei Nielsen

Bachelor of Fine Arts at Marylhurst University and Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Studio Practice at Portland State University.

Rochelle is a member of the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation. She is very involved in the Native American community having spent the last ten years as Coordinator of the Native American Education Program in Vancouver, WA. She currently is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Portland Community College, Marylhurst University and affiliated faculty with the Indigenous Nations Studies Program at Portland State University having taught a course on Indigenous Critique of Native American Art. Rochelle served as the coordinator of the Northwest Indian Story Teller Program with the Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. Rochelle maintains an active studio practice, with over 20 solo, competitive group and invitational exhibitions and portfolio exchanges dealing with Indigenous inappropriate appropriations.

As a life long educator, sacred ceremonial participant, and gatherer of traditional herbs she has embraced her Native heritage in living the sacred road. "I have witnessed a great deal of imbalance in our human experience that keep us away from our full potential being.  In order to have balance we need restore balance through holistic healing.  " 

Erik Castillo

Retired US Army Combat Veteran

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Transformational Life Coach

     Hi my name is Erik Castillo!! I am of Cuban decent and was born in Los Angeles, CA. I joined the Army at 17 years old right after high school. I served 17.5 years before being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and PTSD which caused me to be medically retire. I deployed 6x overseas with 4 of those being combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. I was awarded The Bronze Star Medal for meritorious and exemplary service in Afghanistan in 2010. I was identified as one the Army's top leaders/coaches/mentors by being inducted into three prestigious organizations called The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, The Sergeant Morales Club and The Order of Saint Barbra in which only 1% of the entire Army are able to be inducted into. Typically a person manages to get into one, but I got into all three. These prestigious organizations base your coaching and mentoring of Soldiers by a series of questions and scenarios on how I mentored and coached my Soldiers to be successful in the Army. 

      During my time in the Army, I have coached and mentored hundreds of Soldiers by providing purpose, direction and motivation on a daily basis. An Army leaders job is 24/7, so getting calls at 3am was not unusual because one of my Soldiers needed to talk. I essentially was a life coach in retrospect because I would counsel them monthly, quarterly and annually based on performance and very in tune and integrated in their personal lives and provide guidance to them. 

      As your life coach, I will give you the same effort I gave to all my seniors, peers and subordinates alike so that you can be inspired and motivated to achieve your goals and dreams!!! The sky is the limit!!

"Hard times don't last, hard people do!!"

Cynthia King

"I am a Lumbee woman of the Cheraw people of North Carolina, Back Swamp Clan."

"I have studied and worked with herbs for over 35 years. I am a trained medicine gatherer, Traditional Native Health Facilitator, Mother of 5, Grandmother, entrepreneur, owner of THE HERB SHED and creator of NATIVE FOREST REMEDIES.

I am honored for this opportunity to teach and learn.

My purpose is to share knowledge of the uses and care taking of our Native plants for their continued regeneration. Keeping alive and present our relationship with them.

I am committed to our cultural and genetic relationship to our medicines, including the wisdom and knowledge of their nature and uses for creating health and help.

I consider these plant medicines, in all their various forms and preparations, raw materials, essential oils , tinctures and even flower essences as pure expressions of the healers that they are. I work with them all and have been taught how to create them.

My true teachers have been the plants themselves. I have lived in the forests of the Pacific North West since 1990 and this began my journey as a student of the medicines in their true homes and ecosystems I saw and learned of the interconnection between species and how Diversity insures survival.I studied Botany, anatomy, pathology and psychology .

Ultimately I returned to my Native culture for the weaving of this knowledge and wisdom for health and help and joy and happiness.

Healing is all our birthright and the return to balance is what we all are in motion towards.

All my relations.